District Policies and Procedures

District 11 Rules of Procedure (pdf) amended 9/24/2005 and updated 8/4/2015

Board Policies and Procedures

2008 District 11 New Club Procedures (pdf) adopted 1/19/2008

2008 District Board Conflict of Interest Policy (pdf) adopted 1/20/2008

2006 Reimbursement guidelines and accounting procedures (pdf) revisions adopted 9/28/2006

District 11 Guidelines For Reimbursements to Sponsor, Organize and Mentor (SOM) Clubs (pdf)

Membership Recruitment Guidelines (pdf)

2006 Area Meeting Policies (pdf) adopted 1/14/2006

District 11 Awards and Scholarship Recommendations

2015 District 11 Conference Guidelines (pdf)

District 11 Club Recognition Guidelines

Trafficking Resolution for District 11 (pdf) adopted 9/25/2009

ERA Resolution for District 11 (pdf) adopted 9/25/2009

CEDAW Resolution for District 11 (pdf) adopted 9/25/2009

2009 District Protocol Manual (pdf) revised September 2005, updated January 2010

Website Guidelines

Zonta International  

Web Site Policy for Districts and Clubs (pdf)

Zonta International Website Linking Policies and Procedures (pdf)

Zonta International District 11  

District 11 Website Guidelines for submission of information (pdf)

Documents for consideration at the upcoming District 11 Conference
* Currently there are no new proposals to be considered.