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    Zonta Club of Dothan fights abuse of women
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    Letter: Zonta fights abuse of women
    Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 3:54 am

    I would like to commend those involved in the recent conviction of the human trafficking suspect. Until my daughter attended a Passion conference in Atlanta three years ago, I had never heard the term “human trafficking.” While I learned some about it then and though the stories were horrific, I still thought this slavery was a crime mostly perpetrated in large U.S. cities and in other countries. I wanted to believe that surely our lovely community in and around Houston County was not implicated in this tragic epidemic.

    Then I joined the Zonta Club of Dothan. As an organization whose mission is to advance the status of women, we give time and resources to serve alongside several local groups that help women and girls as well as to participate in health and advocacy projects directly benefiting females globally through Zonta International (

    During a recent community meeting sponsored by LIA Ministries on trafficking, I was shocked out of my rose-colored world to learn that we have opportunities here in the Wiregrass to battle the evil of human trafficking. It is easy to be naïve about this ugly truth; however, recent arrests in Geneva County prove this is happening right here. As my daughter heard at the conference, I pose the question to our citizens, “If you saw human trafficking, would you do anything to end it?” I do see it now, and that’s why I, along with thousands around the world, am convicted, committed, and courageously supporting the “Zonta Says No” campaign to eliminate violence against women–

    Obviously, our law enforcement team made sure that justice was swift and firm in Houston County. Hopefully, their tough action sends the message that abuse of girls and women will not be tolerated here.

    Sandi Hodge